Woody FEST 2001

Okemah, Oklahoma
July 11-15

My cyber-buddy Susan Khammash and I having fun with her camera
in the Woody Guthrie memorial park, in down-town Okemah.
jesse singing in front of mural
Full image 32k
jesse slokum sitting playing guitar in front of 
mural of woody guthrie and okemah
Full image 25k
panorama mural jesse slokum playing guitar next to 
woody statue
Full image 28k
jesse sitting at base of woody 
guthrie playing guitar statue
Full image 26k
jesse slokum playing guitar next to
statue of woody guthrie doing same
Full image 26K
jesse standing in front of woody statue
Full image 14k
Please forgive the fact we didn't have "professional"
cameras to work with, this is more like Pancho and Cisco having fun.
We hope these images give you a sense of the spirit of a place that
is young yet in the making, and growing more beautiful each year. A member
of the Woody Guthrie Coalition tells me that what you see here,
(or there, if you go there, too)
has been, is being, will be done by Volunteers...FABULOUS!

I've finally got some Woodstock Re-union PIX scanned!
wood carving
of peace sign hand as a totem on farm of max yasgur's
This time I was on the STAGE