Jesse Slokum Goes
To Yasgur's Farm

Ever WONDER How Many DAYS have passed since August 15, 1969?

Jesse Slokum
Meets Steven Gaskin
In Yasgur's Barn

Friday afternoon, I was doing door to the stage watch cat duty inside Yasgur's barn, when I noticed "the guy setting up his tent" walk by. I saw a Steven Gaskin for President lapen button pinned to his jacket and realized the tall beatnik stranger was the selfsame fellow! I walked up to him, and introduced myself, telling him that I'd been on the Bus Caravan in it's last two weeks in 1971. It was important to me to thank this mahaspirited man for imparting a very wise phrase back then:

"There's hardly a limit to the heavy magic
one can effect by assuming the other's GOOD WILL"

I informed him how significant the knowledge contained therein has been for me, often in moments of virtually "no quarter" - when people are in our most froggy reactionary zone of instinct and "fight or flight" reflex. Not only knowing but acting upon this wisdom when there's "no time to think" can be the difference be life and death.

(It's important to note that Steven gave himself/us "wiggle-room"
by qualifying the statement with "Hardly a limit" - knowing
what your limits are is essential to the recommendation)

He responded gracefully in the manner of the statement...Then another volunteer walked up and began speaking to Steven at length...So, I simply went back to my duties, figuring I'd get to talk more with him before either of us left the event. Soon, I will include the second encounter Steven and I had, which took place the next day, on Saturday morning.

Saturday morning, Steven walked up to me in the barn and addressed me as Jesse. He remembered my named, saying, "I like to work with people I share history with. I've been given ten minutes to speak on the stage out front today. Would you introduce me?" For an instant I was overcome with the kind of rapid fleeting thought one might expect in such a moment, yet I quickly gathered my suddenly scattered wits, shrugged my shoulders to unlock my tied tongue, and said, "...SURE!" I then spent sometime pulling a coherent sense of my approach together.

When the time came to the microphone, I took a deep breath, and walked out onto the stage to speak.

"Hi! My name is Jesse Slokum, and this is my first re-union. Those of you who've already met me or found my web-site surfing links from the Woodstock69 home page know my story of being filmed in the audience August 15, 1969 over in Max's alfalfa field, when Richie Havens asked us all to clap hands along with his FREEDOM Medley. And, that I didn't discover this until the movie came out in 1970. By 1970 I was quite aware of Steven Gaskin, his Monday Night Class through the book of the same name. While residing in Bloomington, Indiana, I found out that His bus caravan would be making a stop in Bloomington, to make its presentation in IU's Alumni Hall...After some friends decided to join the caravan, I met up with them in Colorado...and was with the caravan until its conclusion in 1971. A lot of time - 29 years has gone by. Things Steven said then have proven very helpful to me. Now the road we ride has brought us all back to this place. It gives me great pleasure to introduce Steven Gaskin."

I was extemporizing at the time but the above gives you the gist of the words that came to me. You'll find plenty of worthwhile reasons to visit the FARM, set up in 1971, in Summertown, Tennessee, by many members of that bus caravan. I will let the Farm's site speak to you...

I have had people in my life tell me they were "Trying to Survive..." My, heart moaned for them...Bleak House indeed, to use a phrase Charles Dickens immortalized...Sustaining is more like it! Here's a place where people can learn to foster and practice such concepts: Ecovillage Training Center

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