carved wood sculpture of an arm extended skyward, with the hand making a peace sign, in front of Max Yasgur's barn

yer in the movie

THEN, Ray Bradbury's dystopic Omega Man got made into a movie. Neville, played by Charleton Heston, finds an empty city, an empty movie theatre, with Woodstock 69 on the marquee, goes inside, finds the place empty, sees the projection room lights on, goes up, and kicks on a projector, and the film cuts to this:


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In Memorium

This page is lovingly dedicated to Doctor Dale Alan Collins, PHD, who died September 3, 2008 at his home in Conway, SC. He was an exceptionly gifted scholar, artist, teacher of Spanish language & literature of all sorts and places. Dale was the epitome of a meek & mellow gentleman, and the very finest amateur musician. He taught me that those younger than oneself can truly be wiser than their elders in years. I've always loved doing impressions of famous people & Dale's Elvis & Tricky Dickie Nixon were SPOT ON! He was supportive of my Busking FOR Freedom in ways that go far beyong the placing of the coin or currency of the realm in a guitar case or busker's basket.

I shall forever cherish the time the two of us shared on this planet. May Dale be blessed of memory, and may those who grieve as they thing of his sudden passing be comforted.