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The scene at the left is from the Christmas Carol production at the John Waldron Center, In downtown Bloomington, Indiana, in December, 1993. Marley is warning Scrooge. Having done his duty, he will be "Gratefully Dead" by the end of the story. He's already starting to fade...Hopefully, he's climbing "Jacob's Ladder" - RUNG by RUNG!


Since 1993, the Waldron Center has hosted an annual re-write competition for the Dickens Yule-Tide classic. One year, Scrooge was a woman who ran an ad agency. POST-Reaganometrical, buddah! Then, the able thespian that talked me into trying out back in '93, Spyridon "Don/Strats" Stratigos, played Scrooge, and the stalwart Community Theatre of Monroe County, Indiana regular who portrays Ebenezeer in this photo was about circles, and wheels within wheels...what goes around comes OkolicKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People here know who he is...anyone else out there/here in cyberspace who wants to know his name can email at the address listed below and I will give him your email address OK?

Originally, I was cast - TOTALLY against (chuckle) type - as a HOMELESS worker, whose first scene is asking Scrooge for a job of work, so "I" could eat...Scrooge yells "I'll call the police..." and my character had to run off stage. Then, the actor cast as Marley - Jacob, not BOB - had to bow out with 12 days to go before opening night. I was cast. So, I actually had to keep running into the dressing room, be made up with grey-face by another cast member, and then jog back to the point behind the "set" decorated as a mirror above the fireplace in Scrooge's bed chamber, and step into the coat visible in the photo and do that eerie EH - BEN - EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE - ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "thing" that gets the kids of all ages in the audience night we didn't make it on time and "Scrooge" had to ad-lib until I started his name thing. THE SHOW WENT ON!

The scariest part of playing Marley's ghost was at the cast-room door after the last show. A founding member of the Community theatre troupe vigorously shook
my hand and said,


Jacob Marley's


I felt a spasmodic shudder convulse my spine
I thanked her and said,
"Show's over. Can I go home, now?"

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