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Has been seen busking, singing and dancing (practices musical bricolage) on the streets of America, including Berkeley, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Eureka, Arcata (CA), Eugene, (OR), Tucson, Flagstaff (AZ), San Antonio, Austin, New Orleans, Albuquerque, Boulder, Denver, Minneapolis, Madison-Wisconsin, Indianapolis, Columbus-Ohio, Atlanta, Washington-DC, New York-NY, Syracuse, Boston, Cambridge, Portland-Maine, and Bloomington, Indiana. Noticed doing same in Harvard Yard, NYU, Columbia University, Illinois University-Champaign, Vanderbilt University-Nashville, Tulane University-New Orleans, U of Oregon, U of Utah-Salt Lake City. Often found telling stories in coffee houses here and there. Known to have acted in a Christmas Carol production, playing both Marley's Ghost and a homeless worker (go figure...), and Shakespeare's "Scottish" a messenger to Lady MacDuff. Loves Puns...Anagrams, and Spoonerisms. If seen, please feel free to say, "Hello, How-ya-doon?" Better yet, ask, "Can we sing a jubilee song?"

If you ask him, "Where do you Live?" He may well answer, "Home is where the heart is...the 2 houses I grew up in were sold to someone else." If you then ask, "Well, now...Where's your heart?" He might just reply, "On the wings of those snow white DOVES those upstretched hands on that Habitat for Humanity poster on my guitar case have just released."

Calls himself Jesse Slokum, will answer to: Hey! You!! Nobody Special, Honeybee, Laughing Cactus, Le Duc du Corduroy (Diogenes Delarue), Pedro Coliche...Jes-Stir...Michelle Schocked - the Schocked-STIR, her-very-own-self - called him "Beany B.O.B." as she got him to play guitar in her now notorious STRAWBERRY JAM, back in mid-may 1996. (For the Beany-B.O.B.'s eye view)

Will show up, if arrangements are made, to have him sing, dance, tell stories at/or on your living room couch - for a coliche (Spanish for "informal house party") - back porch, gazebo, coffee house, concert hall, nature conservancy, fantasy farm, benefit for a cause he believes in, too...Rose garden reception at the CASA BLANCA? (smile :-)

Will send his albums From Here to JUBILEE and Busker for FREEDOM (go here for purchase info) upon receipt of payment. Will notify the site visitor when the CD's, Videos, Bumperstickers, Post Cards, and such are available. Watch the selection grow!)

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