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U ride the "dummy" line?
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The silly photo above was taken in the fall of 1988, when I was visiting a friend who lived in Jerome, Arizona, at the time. Speaking of silliness, Jerome was/is a "ghost" mining town on the southern side of the Verde River valley, 60 miles or so south of Flagstaff. Jerome has a bar called the Spirit Room, and a dance hall where I attended a great Halloween costume ball, SPOOK Hall...Nobody there but us Ghosts! I'm standing beside what was the Atchitson, Topeka, and the SANTE FE RR mainline, in Flagstaff. Now, it's part of some big conglomerate, or another, can't keep track of all them mergers anymore, can we?

Been promising this for months, now. So, One, Two, we go! We've all got a clown-suit in the closet somewhere - what we wear when we don't need to be serious, OR, be taken too seriously. Over the years, I've collected hats, clothes, shoes for this purpose, if only to amuse myself when I'm "down" or too deep a hue of blue. Even have written some songs in the same vein. Not exactly the "legendary" Mother Lode, but then again, my brother is the zinc miner, not me!

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What's this?

What will be featured here are SPOOFS, PARODIES, NONSEQUITORS, NON-sensical things to say when campaigning - UNofficially, of course - for NOBODY for Pres - no, that's another website - uh, lemme see - whattayagot? Soon you will be able to enjoy, for no particular reason, a feature called:

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From Slightly Sly
All the Way to Downright Silly

Think ANARCHY rules (say, bubba, ain't this oxymoronic?")?
What's that in the sky? it's a bird - it's...

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