Stranger On A BUS

Busking Tour Fall 2001

Salt Lake City, Utah

indent spacerAlthough Salt Lake City was warm enough on October 25 to do some busking, I chose not to...yet, a few things that happened are worth mention, including finding a copy of Robert Pirzig's Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, which I've been wanting to re-read since I read his second book Lila, wherein he furthers his Chautauqua on Quality, while sailing down the Hudson river...

indent spacerI've done a get there in the morning and leave by 8 or 9pm thing with salt Lake before, discovering the location of the U of U campus and the inevitable coffee shop, pizza parlor district was within a long walk from the bus depot. First I went to the main branch of the city library in order to gain access to the Internet. I'm pleased to dicover I could sign up for an hour of telnet-ing into my Hoosiernet pages just like in Monroe County, Indiana. Also found, much to my delight that Salt Lake is embarking on the construction of a major expansion of its main library! Exciting!! I thought I'd zig-zag across the avenues to get up to the campus...and - Lo! There loomed a second hand bookstore! I asked for the Pirzig book and she had both of them...all copies in excellent shape! Pricey, I said, well it's a bit steep...she really liked haggling, and said she had back up copies of the ZEN and the Art...(of whaddayagot? LOL!), at $2, so, I stretched my pocket a bit and grabbed it up! I knew I'd finish Sterling Hayden's Wanderer soon, and needed another good bus read....Upon reaching the campus area, I found the Noah's bagels place I'ds patronized before and plugged into the local for a bit. Took another street back down towards another hour at the library...It was lined with the same sort of craftsman style houses you find in other college towns...

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