Stranger On A BUS

Busking Tour Fall 2001

Eugene, OR, and...

indent spacerI'm Nobody Special...or at least I'm having fun making that claim, as a "running gag" attempt at political humor and as a commentator in song. So when Nobody in Particular emailed me last summer in 2000, we struck up a correspondence...I'm sure you can see this coming, Nobody in Particular and family were waiting at the Eugene depot! They took me directly to a farmer's market, where they had numerous friends. There was a band tent, and fantastic dancing, so I "waded right into the waters", tripping the light fantastic with a fandango of my own...soon folks were giving me the familiar Cheshire Cat grin, and got right down to a welcome meal and some acquainting handshakes and hugs! Hello, Eugene!

indent spacerGiven that I was travelling on a GreyHound Discover Pass, I was able to route up the coast hiway to Portland and come back down I-5 through Salem, Albany, and Corvallis - all of which I want to visit soon! The ride through the Willamette valley was very soothing - the Clouds cleared and the sun on the grass cover of some sheep ranches would surely inspire Van Gogh!
More soon

Ole Double-dy Clutch!
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