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TOUR - 2001

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Hi! This is the "bare bones" set-up for my trip journal...As Often as possible, I will post entries here while I'm on "The Road That Never Ends" - you know, where you can catch the LA-LA Land Express? I'll be looking for the Ghost of Tom Joad...(yes, I do know that he is/was/shall remain a fictitious character...but I have met his "spiritual" godson, in Berkeley, the Freight and Salvage Coffee House "open mike")
Anyone who feels bound to "blow" some town, wherever it is, may find Comings and Goings helpful...

While we're at it, I want to recommend a take on the HIPPIE movement by the fellow who's writing about the Texas International POP Fest, Richard Hayner.

First stop was in Columbus, Ohio. On Columbus Day...waddah co-inky-dink! LOL!
Next stop...a fine autumn day in Louisville. Courtesy of Heidi Howe, chanteuse significante! Overnight, and it's Memphis! With a walk-by of Sun Studio, by yours truly. Jesse got to see American Grafitti and perform Cab Calloway! Go to Atlanta with me? Busking on the Capitol Mall, the USA's nation commons! A sunny day in Salt Lake City. Back to "BETA" Base! In my mind, I was ONE with a gliding sea gull... Busker for FREEDOM splits Friday, November 2, between Eureka and Arcata, CA. Toss in the Tumbleweeds! Happy to announce I've been given the grace to hit the ground dancing, on Saturday, November 10, in Eugene, OR

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