Index of Names


Richard Alpert/Baba Ram Das
"When my father shouts, "FORE!""
Alan Braunstein
"It ain't about the money, Jesse...touch the nerve! TOUCH THE NERVE!!"
Shlomo Carlebach,
the Singing Rabbi - Blessed he is, of Memory.
Jerry Garcia
Click Tiki below, Tiki got me there...on stage - the rest, well...
Robert F. Kennedy,
and the glass bead necklace
John Kolic,
my brother - the Zinc Miner. Childhood photos. Early Years, and Temporarily Like Twins.
Timothy Leary,
Saint, lauded in song? Or, Sinner, vilified in the Halls of Congress?
Legendary Luke.
Renegade priest?
Phil Lesh
Click Tiki below, Tiki got me there...on stage - the rest, well...
Swami Muktananda.
Click Rudrananda. Hosted, initially by Rudi of the Big Indian Ashram in NY.
Fiachna O'Braonain,
Guitarist with the HOT HOUSE FLOWERS. He toured with Michelle Shocked in 1996.
U UTAH Phillips.
"The Golden Voice of the Great SouthWest!" Wobbly songster, and legendary yarn spinner...
Swami Rudrananda.
"Rudi" or born as Albert Rudolph, the Guru of Bloomington's first Ashram.
Michelle Shocked
YES! Indeed!! Makes fine STRAWBERRY JAM, with some help from a few locals...
the unforgettable!
David Whitaker.
Dylan David, or lately, "Rainbow" Dave.
"Say Dave, what was in that V-8 juice you gave me yesterday..."

rainbow rays 
emanate from the word home


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