city skyline at dusk

Here's a few thoughts about each song
you know - the zeitgeist of the moment

Nobody Special:
A "WHO'S THAT A-KNOCKING" song. Where I been, What I see, Where I'm bound..."When everything is automated, will anything be SPONTANEOUS?"
Beyond Tomorrow:
Started off as a good-bye, fare-thee-well song, became an invitation to go that place where there "ain't no lying to the RACES"...nor do children die there by stepping on left-over land MINES...come on y'all, it's right HERE in your HEART.
With Love Inspired
I'm retired...REALLY, I am! I don't play on the street to "make" money anymore...not that I EVER did it to "make" money...Well, then, Jesse why do you play...I saw you last week...Because the spirit moved me...Oh, I see, when you gonna play again? When the SPIRIT moves me...When will that be? On the SPUR of the moment! See ya there!!
A Paradise To Regain
It was December 1991...just before Christmas. I saw a picture of a woman with her kids and a shopping-cart...HOMELESS...the look in the eyes of the children said what cannot be spoken...within a few days, this entire song had written itself...does/WILL history repeat itself? Is there a PARADISE to Regain?
TIME To Unwind
This one came in a flash...They grab ya by the pen, and ya writes'm down..."give yourself time to unwind, leaving the foil on the wing..."
Wave After Wave
Written during the first week of the Persian Gulf WAR...Both the verses and the bridge came out in a M.A.S.H. tent on the IU campus where I was lending support to student demonstrators during a 24/7 PEACE VIGIL...and the other sitting on a wall of Bloomington's People's Park (created by private persons in the early seventies in commemoration of the Original in Berkeley...then deeded to the city)
Keep It Steady
This song has carried me across many dark murky waters of unknowing...people join in on the chorus without me asking them to do so.
Far Too Long Now
Written during my only visit to Minneapolis, during the drought summer of 88..."We've been blowin' in the WIND, FAR TOO LONG, NOW..."
From Here To Jubilee
Also written in was the day before elections in November...I realized Bush (senior, that is...) was going to take the election...From HERE to Jubilee was - and IS - a meditation on a "better world a-waitin', and boys, it ain't far off" (to quote Dylan's Paths of Victory song, from his how-would've-Woody [Guthrie]-sung-it? period.)
The second half of the second bridge lyric came to me in a dream - I was blocked, and I decided to "program" a dream, and the following occurred: In the dream, I was singing the song. When I got to the place where I needed to complete the bridge, this happened - I sang the part where I'd become blocked, "Take a good look inside, where LOVE lies deeply hidden. It will enable you to truly see." Sure as you are reading this, in the dream, the song continued, "Now, what is there left to hide/That is still forbidden?/Let's put it on the table, come the Jubilee". It flowed, as if it was always part of the song! I awoke, wrote it down, and returned to sleep. In the morning, I realized it was the perfect solution to my writer's block. My humblest thanks to the MOST HIGH.

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