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Welcome to the JUBILEE PAGE!

Here's a definition of JUBILEE
From the Oxford Dictionary of World Religion.

I'm Looking for a BAND
to help me record new SONGS!

You can stream or download some of these songs
at GarageBand dot COM You'll need to become a
garagband user, but that is free!

For return visitors,
here's a quick link menu
for each of the song lyrics:

Here you'll find liner notes for all nine songs on my
From Here to Jubilee album, currently available on cassette
From Kolo Records, at Box 1712, Bloomington, IN, 47402 (USA)
Make checks out to M. Peter Kolic. I will wait until all checks
clear to ship...You can speed up delivery by sending
USPS Money Orders...with money orders, I will ship right away!
$12.00 includes shipping and handling.
The CD is ready.
$17.00 includes shipping and handling

The Busker for FREEDOM collection CD is now ready, also...same price.
You can check out the lyrics right now!

If you wish to have the insert autographed
Tell me what name to address it to - your cassette or CD would arrive
without shrink-wrap if I autograph your copy
I will ship both CDs for 25.00, or 2 of each for 25.00,
since it takes less time...

I have found a web-site where you'll be able to purchase
these albums with a credit card...the link will appear here.!

of cd coverHere's a look at the CD Cover:
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NOW, the Liner Notes:

(Clicking the title takes you to the lyrics...
Need More INFO, then NMI? takes you to thoughts
I have about each song
Sometimes, I introduce them this way
In the tradition of many coffee house singers
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tiny icon of CD coverNobody Special
Jesse: Guitar and Vocal
Ron Keithe, Electric Piano, Dobro, Bass, 2nd Guitar
Need More INFO?

icon of CD coverBeyond Tomorrow
Jesse: Guitar and Vocal
Tom Moeller: Bass; David Wierhake: Accordion
tiny icon 
of CD coverA Paradise To Regain
Jesse: Vocal
Ron Keithe: Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar, Mandolin; Mark McCloskey: Bass
NMI? Listen?
icon of CD coverWith Love Inspired
Jesse: Guitar and Vocal
icon of CD coverTIME To Unwind
Jesse: Guitar and Vocals
icon of CD coverWave After Wave
Jesse: Vocal
Ron Keithe, Steve Johnson: Keyboards, Percussion; Chris Hattingh: Solo Electric Guitar
icon of CD coverKeep It Steady
Jesse: Vocal
Ron Keithe, Steve Johnson: Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion; T.J. Jones: Bass; Shannon Carey, Cammie Craft, Tashelle L Neal: CHORUS!
icon of CD coverFar Too Long Now
Jesse: Guitar and Vocal.
icon of CD coverFrom Here To Jubilee
Jesse: Guitar and Vocal
Shannon Carey, Cammie Craft, Tashelle L Neal: CHORUS!
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