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"...when a man's soul is starving,
what does he care for meat and roof
so that he can but get that nobler hunger fed?"

- Samuel Longhorn Clemens

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The Buskersbench in Bloomington, Indiana,
sat in front of a small camera/foto shop,
between Nick's English Hut, a tavern, and Jiffy Treet,
a local ice cream parlor.

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gifSeveral years back, some fan of Arlo Guthrie stenciled in black paint - GROUP W BENCH! I Jesse Slokum, have been busking on this bench with my Gibson guitar for years.

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gifI regret to inform you, the bench you see was removed during a major modernization project...the steps by the photo shop door were removed also, and replaced by a graded access ramp to the store, which IS a welcome change...So now this picture memorializes the bench!

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gifNow, not only the bench, but the building behind it is gone...the stone sided house - where I had a room from 1991 to 1992 - plus the ground-level store front was demolished in the fall of 2006, to make ready for new construction.

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a spacer gifVisit then, and I will regale you with tales of super nights and lonely bluesy nights on the Group W Bench! All up and down four blocks of Kirkwood are stone planters that offer numerous replacements for the wooden bench...the four blocks around this one have already been host to much busking activity

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spacer gifAlthough the Famous "group w bench" of Bloomington is history, there are places I would go to when I wanted to play for myself, or give a guitar lesson, commune with the redbirds which would seem to cock an ear as I sat still and sang to them...A special friend, who took the picture of the Cat in the HAT, called the plank between 2 pines the PORTAL...

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gifI intend Buskersbench to be a WEB resource site for buskers of all kinds and all ages...drummers, sax players, fiddle and string combos, limberjack toy masters, kazoo duets, ukelele quartets! Jugglers, crystal ball "rollers" (I have a friend who does this, rolls the 2-3inch sphere up one arm, across his back and down the other arm...), pantomimists...this is the homesite of P.E.S.T. - Publick Enigma Street Theatre. Watch for these features as they appear.

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spacer gifPlease note: There are a series of questions about whether visitors are buskers (street busker performers) are not - filling these out will help this site serve the busking "community" - HOPEFULLY making life a little more easy for many...We will build the bulletin board based on needs and suggestions given in the guest book.

Jesse "honeybee" Slokum
AKA - Laughing Cactus
Nobody Special
Pierre, LE Lapin Blanc

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