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image of dogwood and redbud in BLOOMI live in Bloomington, Indiana. Since I got here in the spring of 1969, I've left and I've returned, I've left and I've returned, I've left and I've returned umpteen times...maybe it's the music in the air, that Hoagy's a big reason why I like being here in the spring. Click the thumbnail...

Something I definitely like about this town are the parks. Check out Parks and Recreation.
Time on your hands? Don't know where to start? Go here.
John Waldron Arts Center Occupies Bloomington's old City Hall. I have played Marley's Ghost (...what a hoot!) in a Christmas Carol production there. Check them out for a full menu of Art experiences, and how you can volunteer
Buskirk-Chumley Theatre! Before the old vaudeville - silent film era Indiana Theatre was gutted to modernize it, I had the rare pleasure of being the "water-boy" back stage for a Tribute to Hoagy Carmichael fundraiser, featuring his son Randy Carmichael...what a stellar night that was!

Community Kitchen serves a full, nutritious meal 4-6pm, monday thru saturday. Check out their site for info on helping to prepare and serve these meals. I have had the good fortune to both provide and avail myself of the Kitchen's services
Hoosier Hills Food Bank serves a number of kitchen programs around the area. Back in 1995, I had the good fortune to donate some skills and services to this fine program, for 3 months in the fall, in celebration of my "fiftieth year to heaven" (to quote the Welsh bard Dylan Thomas).
Habitat for Humanity, of Monroe County. This the local affiliate of the International organization. Back in the fall of 1995, I was truly fortunate to dedicate 3 months of my fiftieth year on Earth to volunteer activity. I spent 3 weekends helping some folks to build their "dream" house. Here, and now, I shall give testimony to the incredible, positive Power of FAITH, and the extremely high level of cheerful co-operation I witnessed. Faith, in action, can, and is, changing the world, one home at a time...The amazing thing to me was the weekend where I helped hang some dry wall. The next day I volunteered at the Food Bank, where a new walk-in freezer unit was being installed. Some dry wall needed to be hung...I was able to apply what I had learned helping Habitat! Synchronicity Strokes!!
Habitat for Humanity, International. If you want to look at the large picture, worldwide, go here...but, whether it's local, or, international, please get involved. Remember, there are enough resources to go around...Nobody has to be HOMELESS, or HUNGRY, anymore. "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth."

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Another foundation whose mission is both international and stateside. Seva means Service in Sanskrit. Like Bob Dylan sings "Gotta Serve Somebody..." Serve Somebody. I will tell you, from experience, it does come back around.

Lately, things have been getting blown or burnt up
because some people still think ACTION means destroying
that which is "old and in the way" or even a threat
to a traditonal way of life...(think 9/11/01)
I don't think this is progress towards either goal!
Here are Some Thoughts on Taking ACTION

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