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A few words about Sufis

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I have taken no formal vows as a SUFI
Yet I have been schooled in Dervish Whirling
by a disciple of an American Master
Murshid Samuel Lewis
Who is now deceased
BE Blessed of MEMORY!

For a while, in the seventies the disciple of Sufi Sam
whom I mentioned above, conducted meetings/classes in
dervish whirling. We were taught how to spin in the
traditonal fashion, and most importantly, how to STOP!
QUOD ERAT DEMONSTRANDUM! - it must be demonstrated!
Among practioners, dervish whirling is known as turning.
Here's an illustration of

animated line drawing of 
a dervish, whirling


The beauty of this tradition is that one finds the stillness
in the very midst of the motion.
Please do not try to do the spinning without the
supervision of one schooled in the technique. If you wish
to learn this process, you may email me at the address provided
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