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Musical Influences - Part 1 and Part 2

Please note, I try to keep these links up to date

Joan Baez "Back in those halcyon days of yore..." Bob Dylan So good to see you DANCE!
Ricard and Mimi Fariña were a major influence...I've set up a separate page of links for them as a tribute...
Mississippi John Hurt His gentle voice and his music remain, even though he's gone. Links to other blues sites, including, books, discography, videos, and lots more.
Judy Collins. I remember that clear spring water voice like it was yesterday I heard it first.
Phil Ochs is the subject of much interest among young folk not yet born when he died in 1976. I had the good fortune of being an audience member in a concert taped for the old WNET educational network. I managed to ask him a question about his song Crucifixion, that he responded to enthusiastically - going off with an expansive answer. Then you get to see yourself do it again - On TV, this time...
Arlo Guthrie What a great yarn spinner!

graphics of Country Joe and the Fish
Country Joe and the Fish. Gimme an F...
Country Joe McDonald. Still fish-ing, after all these years

image of havens with guitar, kicking up leg! "You're in this room, tonight. I know you are!"

An inspiration to Freedom lovers throughout the world! Cliff Eberhardt was the fellow who wrote "THE LONG ROAD", and recorded a duet with Richie Havens. When I heard Richie sing this tremedously effective anthem, I immediately began softly singing along - even though I'd never heard the song before. This is what the very best material always does for me - I slip into the head-space of the moment, where we are DOVE-TAILED IN MIND'S EYE, and sing along...The chorus starts off, "I can hear your VOICE in the WIND... Thanks, Cliff!

Don Mclean Ressurrecting me swiftly with his song...Don's songs have an uplifting effect on one's spirit. My personal favorite is "You Have Lived"
Quicksilver Messenger Service "Who do you LOVE?" Learn about Dino Valenti and John Cipollina. Oh, that version of Shady Grove and Hamilton Camp's Pride of Man!
Grateful Dead Absolutely no way I could leave these folks out! What a long strange trip "it" IS! While you're there, check out Hunter's Archive, Journal #5, for his account of his fall '98 solo tour. Some of the best reflections on the life of the road, I've ever had the pleasure and good fortune to read.
Unfortunately, Hunter no longer has those journals posted! Whoever got to read them is wiser for it!!

BUZZY LINHART. Co-wrote (You Gotta Have) FRIENDS, which Bette Midler used as her theme song for a while. I was lucky to find a double vinyl-disc record set of the BUZZ-stir's stirring music. Here's some song lyrics on an album he did with Moogy Klingman. Do yourself a favor! Visit this man's site and order his CD directly. Buzzy, who played xylophone with Jimi Hendrix, sang a "scat" a chorus to my "Outside Man Blues" WHEW!!!

Here's a new site: White RABBIT CDs. Gotta Love that name! Not only does he sell hard to find recordings from 1965-1975 (give or take a few years), but there's a number of interesting features - including links to groups too numerous for me to list here. Do yourself a favor...

Where the "TRIBAL ROCK" Musical HAIR! fits in our popular culture is not for me to wax prolific upon. I make music, I don't archive it in the academic sense...I must say that this show had a profound effect on me in the late sixties - all because a fellow I met while camping on Mt Lemmon near Tucson, AZ, got the part of the character who sings the "Kama Sutra Orgy" song, when a production was mounted in Los Angeles in late 1968. I will soon devote a page to the story...for now here's Michael Butler's site: HAIR!

BOB MARLEY Now, there's the influence of New Orleans and Memphis, and then come the "San Francisco Sound" - but the music of this other BOB and his Jamaica cohorts has changed the world! I, myself, have heard a Polish (!) pop duet reggaefying Like a Rolling Stone!!

LE ROI DU R&R? Goin'ta Graceland, soon! I'm more interested in what's in the Parking Lot...

Is W. Nelson LE "ZEN" DU COUNTY? If you make it to LUCK, TX, say hello to Willie!

Vida staged a Freedom Festival everytime these four talent women performed. I'm sad to tell you, they have disbanded!
Carrie Newcomer is a transplant to Monroe County, but the Uplanders of these Southern Indiana hills sure appreciate her each time she returns from yet another tour. The Moon over Tucson is indeed a sight. I've myself have seen it from Mt. Lemmon outside of Tucson.

Freddie Anderson. I believe in local musicians supporting each other! Freddie deserves your attention. Let's leave the "Battle" of the Bands to the Drum and Bugle Corps...
Moe Z, MD. This man got the Con-FUNK-TION for whatever might CONfuse ya!. I don't get to see many stadium style bands at all, even hometown fave. John Mellencamp, so it was certainly a treat to go to the Bluebird, here, and end up jammin' on stage with Moe Z and STONE CARNIVAL (Stone Carnival has since dis-banded...they will be missed)
Fantuzzi was here in Bloomington the spring before Woodstock in 1969...where he was included in the same Richie Havens FREEDOM Medley song - at the very end of it - as me.

Sanctuary ROC is an alternative way of making music for people who don't want - or be MEGA "stars". I'm tangentially involved here. Check them out. You can go directly to their Music Links page, where you'll find DOZENS of music RESOURCE sites, plus a few performers pages, including the Busker for FREEDOM.

What would Twentieth century music be without Hoagy Carmichael? I'm very happy to be providing this link on his 100th birthday - November 22, 1999. Little did I know I'd end up in Hoagy's hometown when I came here in 1969! This is the DEEP site for Hoagy lovers and/or researchers. Although you can find links on the I.U. site, here's the "Official" Hoagy site.
Where would the Twentieth Century be without LOUIS ARMSTRONG?

Lotus Festival In memory of Lotus Dickey, Southern Indiana legendary fiddler, guitarist and songwriter. The two Lotus Fests I have attended have been such a feast of the world's music, words escape me to describe it. Check the site for last year's line-up, concerts sponsored by Lotusfest, and the upcoming announcements for September '99.
Woodstock Festival Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...I know, it's 99, now...Isn't this year a trip? Find out here how the 69 Festival arrived at Max Yasgur's farm.

transmitter tower extending from earth
Radio Woodstock

Got a sound card? Listen to WDST-FM. I found this web-site as a link from Richie Havens' "Global Groove" feature, listed on his own site. They solicited my account of getting filmed at Woodstock during Havens' Freedom Medley, and posted it in their Woodstock Vibe E-Zine from April through December 99...It's a real GROOVE and then some...Check out Richie's program while you are there.
WFHB-FireHouse Broadcasting Our local jewel of a Community radio station. Check them out if you are coming here to visit. Or, just check them out for fun

Robert Altman's Photo Gallery...Lots of familiar faces here.

Music Festival.ORG Great Resource Site!

Somewhere Between Here and has moved beyond, to its own page - point your mouse on between.

Check out Cultural Doings. If you are planning to visit us check out what's happening here on the web, before you come.

image of blue ribbon around earth,
text - free speech on line

HoosierTimes On-line version of the local daily in Bloomington, Indiana (Been featured in photos and columns myself, over the years...)
The Ryder The alpha...Film reviews, music previews, what's showing in the Ryder film series. Peter, here's a much belated thank you for publishing my personal account of the 7.1 Loma Prieta 1989 earthquake (I was living in Berkeley, California, at the time)...The omega.

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