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In keeping with the ambiguity of the "TRIPLE ZIP" year, I'm following Country Joe McDonald's example. (He posted a feature with six different reckonings.Here other years it is today on other calendars around the THIRD STONE from the SUN. If any of you has a basic problem with the Roman Imperial Calendar - as corrected by someone in Pope Gregory's employ (I mean [...I mean...I MEAN - "here it comes around again...on the guita-" oops!! Thazza Arlo Guthrie song!!!], some CRAFTY person in the Pope's employ did the paper work...know what'm'say'n'?) - just follow one of the others...

5769 (Hebrew Calendar)
4706 (Chinese Calendar)
Year of the Earth Rat (year of W Z).
Which exists between 7 February, 2008 & 25 January 2009.

Here are some resources on calendars:
Yahoo Reference Even has the Mayan!
What year is it? Depends on who you ask...
The Aztec Date for example?

There are people who would like there to be one calendar
(To which everybody could relate?)

I will post the New Year's Date for each of these soon!
You can consult the US NAVAL OBSERVATORY page, if you'd like.

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