here's some more NONsensical whimsy
at the expense of Nobody aT'ALL

A Divine Little Hoosier Comedy
Starring Adam and Eve After they left the GARDEN
With a surprise cameo appearance of
Nobody aT'ALL...THE Most HIGH!

******* Hoosier MA? *******


Adam and Eve are discussing the "facts of life"
during a lull in the "action" as they lay commingled
(nobody's told them about cigarettes yet...Tobacco
hasn't even been discovered yet!
Oh, MY WORD...Land O'Goshen - Shades of the Firesign theatre!
I Almost forget!
Due to the mature nature of the following
parental guidance is advised...LOL!

Eve: We figured out how to "have" Cain & Abel, and a had a natural "ball" doing "it", but something troubles me...Adam, if you're their father, who's mine?
Adam: Nobody...
Eve: Nobody?
Adam: Yes... - THE Most HIGH!
Eve: How do you know that?
Adam: Nobody aT'ALL told me...
Eve: When?
Adam: Nobody knows the time...it was before Nobody aT'ALL told me about time, and how to keep track of it...
Eve: I'm confused...
Adam: - That's cuz you're a woman...
Eve: - Let's not get into that...besides, you're already into me in the most intimate way...
Adam: Mmm...
Eve: you're the one that's confused! I bet you're making this all up - you know no more than I do, probably less...
Adam: Look here, Eve - Nobody aT'ALL came down from on high, and revealed it all to me!
Eve: (sighing most deeply...) Ok, OK...It's a likely story...and to keep the Peace, I'll accept it - but all it really does is make me wonder...
Adam: wonder what?
Eve: If Nobody aT'ALL is my pa, Hoosier Ma?


*Folklorists at IU argue endlessly about the derivation of "HOOSIER" Let them play it straight, the STATE is not paying the likes of me, the Busker for FREEDOM, to sound authoritative, OR definitive...My favorite comments are Kurt Vonnegut, who uses "HOOSIER" as an example of a false Karass a word he coined for one of his novels...The WOBBLIES - Industrial Workers of the World - had Hoosier pegged as "an incompetent, country bumpkin" in the oughts and the teens of this rapidly waning millenium...furthermore, to "HOOSIER" UP was to feign ignorance...for example when a card shark would show up in a Wobbly run hobo jungle, and get caught dealing off the bottom of the deck, rather than kill him on the spot, they'd hoosier up to the fellow...and then inform him that they knew he must be pretty desperate to try to cheat penniless fellow workers, then they'd ORGANIZE the fellow....

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