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image of jesse
at 42
My Trusty Gibson LGO

My Gibson 1964 LGO guitar was purchased as a replacement for my Epiphone Texan acoustic in 1977. This photo was snapped in 1987, when I was 42 - significant, of course, to countless Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy "Heads" - at a 20 year re-union of Bloomington/IU "hippies", who knew each other circa 1967. I didn't even make it to Bloomingulch until spring of '69, but the organizers decided the event wouldn't be complete without yours, truly...How sweet of them!! Since then, an ebony bridge was added by Roadworthy Guitar's proprietor, David Baas - a practicing blues guitarist himself. I'm quite pleased with his attention to detail. The LGO has been with me through tens upon tens of of thousands of miles of travel, on planes, buses and hitch-hiking about this continent the Europeans call North America. It has never let me down, and has a sweet, mellow sound.

image of
jesse and alvarez
The AL-pha...RAYS

In 1997. I was having Roadworthy Guitars in Bloomington, Indiana rework the fretboard on my Gibson, and install longhall fretwires. It warranted purchasing an Alvarez, the model you see the "Busker for Freedom" playing at the right. I was planning back in the summer to relocate out West, and had no way to keep both guitars. The folks I trusted most told me to try to get at least half what I paid for the instrument. I'm sitting on the fender of a Ford pick-up of the woman who offered me just that much. Sweet-heart of a deal. She took the picture for me before i turned it over. All were happy...The "Header", above, comes from my playful pronunciation of the Spanish alvarez...Every decent guitar gets a "nick" name, no?

Catch a glimpse of the "Blonde"
My first steel string guitar...

The picture below was taken in Li'l'Five Points
Atlanta's "boho" quarter, in 1997. That hat
was hard to ditch this summer. It had a cowrie shell
hat band. I loved to wear it when busking

image of jesse
and painting of jester
Full image
is 18k

Jesse "fronts" for the JESTER...

The "Rest of the Gang"

This is a photo gallery. Expect some action shots of me and/or friends playing my rhythm toy collection which tends to increase over time...Watch for them!

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Jesse "honeybee" Slokum
shows off some ankle bells
as he danced 'round the fire
with "wyldflower" at a Yasgurroad
work party May 27, 2000

image of
Honeybee, with ankle bells, and Wyldflower, dancing 'round a bonfire
-Bee, Wyld- dancing...
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