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"Why not a chicken?"

Wazza pair a'docs? Some may say Ben Casey*, and Doctor Kildare*,
but that's not right! A pair of docks is 2 piers, or a coupla'wharfs,
but 2 PEERS is not enuff, you need 12 PEERS to have your case
stand up in court!! Now if you're talking about a pair a'ducks,
Thazz DAFFY'n'DONALD....LOL!!!
(This "take-off, or send-up" of the "business with the chicken"
is in the public domain - I lay no claim to making it up! So, if
you possess the rudiments of comic timing - "RUN" WITH IT!)
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who helped form the sense of humor of my generation,
By being Maynard G. Krebs and Gilligan, has his own web site!

black/white foto of 'Lord Buckley'
Lord Buckley!

'He said, "Di-i-i-i-i-g-g-g-g INFINITY!!" And they DUG IT!!!'

"He wasn't even a satirist, a humorist or a monologist - though he has been called all those things. He was some kind of a way-out dramatic storyteller, a word musician, who used his magnificent theatrical voice and jazz phrasing to compose language symphonies and create a unique attention-grabbing, soul-tickling story fabric..."

the 3 stooges
The Three Stooges
may be the quintessence of
politically INcorrect, but they kept a lot of people amused!

laurel & hardy
Stanley Laurel & Oliver Hardy

The "First Church of the Last Laugh" Sense of humor is strongly suggested!!
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