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The JUBILEE CD is now available!

Now you can join an effort to bring about a true JUBILEE
Visit Jubilee 2000/USA to find out how
to make this happen.

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Somewhere Between Here and There

What happened today? Let the History Channel tell you...
A fellow named Jim Greenlee - The Old Hippy Lost in Mississippi - had a web page dedicated to PEACE~pass~it~ON At last check, the site is no longer active, it seems...but his message will remain associated with Jim here.

Haven of Peace. I found the link to this stunning addition to the WEB at Jim Greenlee's links page. Thanks Jim! Kai, thank you for your encouraging words to another old "hippie" - you give us dharma "bums" heart!!
Ladybear's Den What a story she has to tell! See your reflection in that water? More great links. Check out the Peace page.
Hippy's Old But Far Out Loft Another groovy hippy site! Links to many cool backgrounds, banners, animations are provided. I knew Annette was cool when I put "Laughing Cactus" in her guest book cuz she calls HERself "Laughingsky" - she got in touch quickly. Great pix of the FARM in Tennessee. I was on the Gaskin's Caravan of school buses for a few weeks when it toured the country a while back. She provides links to the FARM.

Glenn Weiser's Woodstock, Hippy, and Beat Era Links! He's got a superb collection!!

The River of Time...1965 - 1971 Photographer Lisa Law takes you on a journey "down a river of time"

image of frog wearing propeller/beany cap Is your life missing that indescribable lift? Go here. Then, come, fly with me! Find out who's been given hats with gold propellers. Me? I'm happy to have the red, white, and blue model, with the Nobody for President patch on it, which Stacey Samuels, himself, the poobah of beanycapdom, gave me. He's the Spin-stir, and I am the Jes-stir!

image of WAVY GRAVY wearing propeller/beany cap "The man who has achieved flavorhood." I call him Wavicle Gravicle...By the way, "Breakfast in bed for 400,000 (...or, so)" wasn't bad at all! I helped prepare it in Woodstock69's free kitchen. My sign? I'm a vegetarian, with moon in asparagus...carrots rising, and salad in the bowl (chuckle, snicker, giggle, guffaw, snort...). See W___G____ in color, standing the world on its head...

Don't think Camp Winnarainbow is strictly KID'S STUFF!
kidz: learn circus 
skills...adultz: get a new lease on LIFE!
This is the summer camp to end all summer camps...and you probably won't have to learn the Allan Sherman song...LOL!

image of teeth and nobody for president in 2000 Have No Politics? Got a sense of Humor? Like Birthday Parties? Tired of being told you ain't goin' Nowhere? Go here! Definitely not for the humorously challenged!! Apathy Sucks, Like a Vacuum Flask Monster!!! Remember. NOBODY deserves your vote...This year I'd like to dedicate the campaign to the esteemed Mister OH! FREEDOM!! himself - Richie Havens, for writing and singing a song called "Nobody left to CROWN..." It has lines like: "what if THEY gave an election, and nobody came to vote?" and, "Home. home on the range, where the FEAR and the antelope play, where seldom is heard an encouraging word, and our leaders do nothing all day..." THIS time around, nobody needs to be Moses!

For the latest in Never-Say-Die
Humor for a time in which this nation's
Sense of humor has "gone south"

Visit another Nobody, who thinks (like I do...) that it's time for: None Of The Above - N.O.T.A.
He's got a store, where you can get tee shirts and Bumper Stickers




Nobody Has a Legal Precedent!

Joshua Abraham Norton Declared himself Emperor Norton I in 1859,
when he died in 1880, correspondence from Queen Victoria and Honest Abe
was found in his rooming house room!! Here's 2 takes on Norton I: ONE,  and...TWO!

Read any weird stuff lately? Danielle Steele he's not! LOL! Robert Anton Wilson...if you are looking for Politically Correct, you won't find it here! (...if an image of the naked human female breast offends you, don't click here. If - on the other hand - you wish to equip yourself with a cogent presentation for public discussions of "OBSCENITY" in this post Bill'n'Monica epoch, do click here!) If you believe that the Republic has been in grave peril since the decision on the US Supreme Court in December 2000 regarding the Florida ballot counting debacle, and you won't lie down and be a nice lap dog, give this a gander: The frammisgoshes should be distimmed because you will lose the next election if they aren't distimmed

logo cartoon of St. STUPID
The "First Church of the Last Laugh"

Why not start a Saint Stupid Society in your hometown? There's nothing to do on April Fool's day, anyway...why should these people in SF have all the PHUNNE? Soon you'll be able to order your very own "Dogma Scooper" here...and get a "Belief Upgrade", besides! Take a gander at the Pooh-bah of Interstellar Propeller Beany Caps, Stacey, tootling his trombone. Just don't click no when the Test page asks if you are human, or not...

Sixties icons on fifties legend His HIPness, Lord Buckley:
"Uncle John" Jerome Garcia
"I wish I could make music with Lord Buckley.
Oh God, I'd leap at it."

Novelist Ken Kesey once called Buckley
"a secret thing that people pass under the table."

Prank-STIR bus FURTHUR before the paint job
Merry Pranksters

Are those Prank-stirs still merry? Find out for yourself...

Look what I found surfing!

"Why not a chicken?"

What's a Paradox?
Here's the answer,
on my page devoted to Comedy

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